Open, Says Me!

Every week, I get a "Your Weekly Savings" email from Safeway. First off: don't ask me how you can get in on the action. It's a very exclusive club. They can't have common riff-raff attempting to save 50 cents on Yoplait or anarchy will ensue! Not that you're missing out on much. Case in point: … Continue reading Open, Says Me!

One away from 50K!

Lots of change is afoot. For starters, I completely revamped my site. Or rather, sites. Plural. For years, I've had a professional(ish) site, first name last name dot com, plus a separate blog. Once upon a time, that was Mark My Words. Then, when we decided to move to South Dakota, I started a new … Continue reading One away from 50K!

I Have a Bridge to Sell You

I was listening to a podcast a few days ago and the host made an offhand comment. “If you believe that," he said, "I have a bridge to sell you.” This immediately got me to thinking about how unfair that phrase is to the hardworking people whose job it is to actually sell bridges. I'm … Continue reading I Have a Bridge to Sell You

No Wolf, No Wall Street (But Maybe a Little Coke)

I checked the mail yesterday and saw that Tara had a special delivery. "Your porno mag's here!" I told her, and tossed it onto the dining room table. She looked at me askance and then burst out laughing. Hey, scoff if you will, but there were some nice melons on page 84. If you don't … Continue reading No Wolf, No Wall Street (But Maybe a Little Coke)

Could’a Made a Lotta Clams By Now

It’s nice that the sun is coming up a little earlier now and setting later. It makes for some scenic evening commutes. Not so nice? Driving over a curb when turning into the parking lot of your favorite coffee shop because you’re temporarily blinded by the rising sun. I wanted a jolt, but the kind … Continue reading Could’a Made a Lotta Clams By Now

My Future as a Bitcoin Miner is in Jeopardy

I learn a lot when researching stories for CenturyCo…and often that knowledge seeps into my personal life. Case in point: after writing a holiday article titled Tis the Season to Use Wi-Fi, I realized how efficient and convenient smart technology could be around the house. And we upgraded to smart plugs, bulbs, and timers to … Continue reading My Future as a Bitcoin Miner is in Jeopardy