Hanging Out with Charlie & Bob

Ten years ago, I had a sudden desire to move to Omaha, Nebraska. This was weird. I had never even been to Omaha at the time. I'd driven by, on the freeway, during my road trip a couple of weeks earlier. But for some reason I got it in my head that I wanted to … Continue reading Hanging Out with Charlie & Bob

Syrup Traps

The people of Rapid City probably think I’m nuts, because chances are if you see me driving around town, I’ll be laughing my ass off…even when I’m alone in the car. I blame SiriusXM for this. After signing up for a subscription, I explored a few of the stations but never ventured beyond, I dunno, … Continue reading Syrup Traps

A Francisco Clause

The Tape Face show on Friday night turned out to be lots of fun. Well, fun in retrospect, because throughout the performance I was paranoid I was going to be yanked onstage and humiliated, like the poor fella who had to face off with the comedian in a light saber duel involving a limp tape … Continue reading A Francisco Clause

A Man from Nantucket

Alexa told me it was National Limerick Day this morning. In honor of the occasion, I responded to every work order that came across my desk with a comment written as a limerick. For example: The bios attached are just fine The credentials you listed, divine I have no corrections To any selections Feel free to … Continue reading A Man from Nantucket

Photo Bombs

Last year, one of my blogging buddies - the estimable (and soon-to-be-wed) Jess Witkins - "introduced" me to a friend of hers on Facebook named Todd Youngman. She thought our senses of humor were similar, and we might get along. Jess and I have read each other a long time now; I think of her … Continue reading Photo Bombs