Why Not Stevenson?

Last month, I took a day off work to go hiking. It was my birthday, and I wanted to commune with nature instead of dealing with an overflowing In Box. [My In Box is virtual these days, I should add. But I remember well the stackable plastic trays that used to take up precious real estateContinue reading “Why Not Stevenson?”

Fresh Fish? Touché!

About six months ago, Tara told me her dad wanted to drive out to The Dalles for a little walleye fishing and asked if I’d be interested in going. “Sure,” I said, thinking we’d bait a hook, toss a line in the water, sit back, and wait. All from the comfort of the shore, becauseContinue reading “Fresh Fish? Touché!”

A Vintage Seafood-y Weekend

While pop-up campers were representative of my childhood, I’ve always had a fondness for vintage travel trailers from the 1950s. No surprise, given my love of all things retro. Think shiny silver Airstreams that looked very Space-Agey back then, or my ultimate dream machine, a Volkswagen Camper Bus. So when a friend of ours told usContinue reading “A Vintage Seafood-y Weekend”

Kite Therapy

There is nothing more therapeutic than flying a kite. This surprises me. You wouldn’t think such a simple pursuit would bring much joy. All you’re doing is standing there, holding onto a string. The wind does all the work for you. Sure, you have to tug on it occasionally and make an adjustment or twoContinue reading “Kite Therapy”

Love Is In The Air. And Chowder, too.

A few days ago I got a hankering for a really good cup of clam chowder, so I did what anybody would do to satisfy that craving: made a 240-mile round trip to go get me some. What? You wouldn’t?! One of the things that attracted me to Tara was the fact that she onceContinue reading “Love Is In The Air. And Chowder, too.”