Sugar Cookies or Powdered Doughnuts

Since a lot of you have been wondering (okay, maybe only three people asked), the lady-who-might-be-a-hoarder's check cleared the next morning. Whew! Not that getting stiffed out of $30 would have sent me to the poorhouse, but it was the principle of the matter. I half expected her to email me back saying the TV … Continue reading Sugar Cookies or Powdered Doughnuts

You’ve Been Johnnyburgered

Many years ago, my dad’s cousin Johnny came out for a visit  when we lived in South Dakota. He and Johnny are the same age and were very close growing up on the mean streets of Trenton; theirs was a friendship that continued into adulthood. Johnny is a real character. Always wears his hair greasy … Continue reading You’ve Been Johnnyburgered

I’m Just Here for the Coffee

I had a dream last night that a coworker died. It's weird enough dreaming about people you work with, even when they're alive and well. I see these folks 8 hours a day. As much as I enjoy their company, I don't necessarily want them to follow me home and crawl into bed with me. to … Continue reading I’m Just Here for the Coffee

Hot Cold Brew is Like Jumbo Shrimp

Earlier this week, I stopped by the coffee shop that is 88 steps from the office (thanks, Fitbit!) and ordered "my usual." My coffee guy immediately began preparing a cold brew coffee with a splash of unsweetened almond milk and a packet of Stevia. I love that I have a coffee guy and a "usual" order. … Continue reading Hot Cold Brew is Like Jumbo Shrimp

Not The Regular Grind

I learned a few lessons after last week's post on gun control. Namely, hot-button issues garner a lot of attention, regardless of your stance. And the more passionate people are about a topic, the more discourse you're going to receive. I rarely stray from the humorous slice-of-daily-life stuff, but maybe I should do so more … Continue reading Not The Regular Grind