Business As Usual Minus the Kissing

We continue to plug along here in Casa Corona. Tara is feeling much better and her symptoms are mostly gone, though she did end up (mostly) losing her sense of taste and smell. She feels that might be due more to the congestion than anything else. It's a less common symptom with Omicron but not … Continue reading Business As Usual Minus the Kissing

Thank God It’s Monday

I don’t usually dread the start of a new work week, but when 5:10 rolled around this morning, I cursed. Silently, of course. I didn’t want to wake Tara! Mondays are never great, per se, but they’re a lot less great when they follow on the heels of back-to-back long weekends. Crawling out of bed … Continue reading Thank God It’s Monday

“BER” Leads to “BRR!”

I'm working from home this morning waiting for a certified letter to arrive. It's from the Hyundai dealership, so I'm assuming it's the paperwork I'll need to get my car registered. I came home on my lunch yesterday to find a note from the USPS on the door, and because they need a signature, I … Continue reading “BER” Leads to “BRR!”