Relationships, Jobs, & Parmesan Cheese

And so it begins... I'm referring to both 2022 and Bloganuary. We'll see what they bring. Our rockin' New Year's Eve was exactly that. We have such an extensive record collection (760 currently), it's very hard to choose an album to listen to when we sit down to play cards. So lately, we have Alexa … Continue reading Relationships, Jobs, & Parmesan Cheese

Hits 52!

Last night, we added another great classic rock concert to our ever-expanding list when we saw The Who (finally) rock Portland's Moda Center for their Hits 50! tour. It's actually now been 52 years, making the fact that Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend were even able to walk onstage unassisted even more impressive. I'm glad … Continue reading Hits 52!

Champagne Tastes Like Coca-Cola

A woman I used to work with years ago was pregnant, and we were discussing names one day. She was expecting twin girls, and as her due date drew near, she and her husband had narrowed down their choices. "We're going with Layla!" she declared one day. "Great name," I replied enthusiastically. "You guys must … Continue reading Champagne Tastes Like Coca-Cola