Six-Pack of Giant Spiders

If you were reading me over the holidays last year, you probably recall a friendly little competition with Kelly, the overzealous neighbor across the street. She took so much pleasure in taunting me with her holiday display I started referring to her as Christmas Light Kelly. Gauntlets were thrown as we each tried to out-illuminate … Continue reading Six-Pack of Giant Spiders

Can It Please Be November?

The first two hours back at work yesterday felt very weird. But after that, it felt completely normal. Just took me some time to rediscover my at-work groove, but once I did, I was super productive. And my best dog buddy Marley was happy to see me, so: win/win. My work station kinda resembled a time capsule … Continue reading Can It Please Be November?

All Flamingos are Pink

When we were working in the yard last weekend, I asked Tara if she'd be opposed to adding plastic pink flamingos to our landscaping. As soon as those words left my mouth, I realized how absurd they sounded. Not because I have anything against plastic pink flamingos; their kitsch factor appeals to me in the … Continue reading All Flamingos are Pink

Meet Your Next Reality TV Star…! Or at least I could be, based on the email I received this morning. Hey Mark! Bray Entertainment, the Co-Creators of Pawn Stars, is casting and developing a new documentary TV series about the real life Clark Griswold from National Lampoon's Vacation Movies. We are looking for an entertaining and charismatic dad, like you, who is always … Continue reading Meet Your Next Reality TV Star…

The Rock That Saved Thanksgiving

You know how Charlie Brown was pissed off when he went trick-or-treating and all he got from every house he visited was a rock? The dude should stop complaining. A rock saved our Thanksgiving. Let me set the scene... It's Thursday, 1:00 PM. We've got a turkey roasting in the oven, pumpkin and sweet potato … Continue reading The Rock That Saved Thanksgiving

Getting My Griswold On – Day 1: Spokane, WA

Miles traveled today: 375.3 Total miles traveled: 375.3 Entry # 1 in the chronicle of my twelve-day trek across a good portion of America kicks off in an air-conditioned Howard Johnson's Inn in Spokane, Washington. It's late but I'm pretty wired, having just finished dinner (a roast beef sub from a local sandwich shop called … Continue reading Getting My Griswold On – Day 1: Spokane, WA

‘Tis The Season For Traditions

For some reason, last night a memory crossed my mind, something I hadn't thought of in years. I remembered how, when I was 7 or 8 years old and living in Hawaii, one December me, my brother, and a friend or two took it upon ourselves to go caroling through the neighborhood. Keep in mind, … Continue reading ‘Tis The Season For Traditions

I Am Clark Griswold

Wow, it's December already. This is one of my favorite months...I always go a little overboard during the holidays (which explains the falling snow on my blog; great feature, WordPress!). My enthusiasm this year is tempered a bit by the fact that I am unemployed (and further by the fact that I have not received … Continue reading I Am Clark Griswold