Guac-blocked by the Supreme Dictator.

Thank god it’s May 5. Not because I love Cinco de Mayo or anything (though I appreciate a taco or margarita as much as the next fella). I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with all that “May the Fourth be With You” Star Wars-themed nonsense anymore. Apparently, May 4 has been associated with … Continue reading Guac-blocked by the Supreme Dictator.

See You in 364 Days, Chewbacca

I am so glad it's May 5th. Not because I have a special affinity for Cinco de Mayo (though, hello nacho bar at work!). It's just that, if I see one more lame May the 4th be with you post on social media, I am going to scream. It's not that I'm anti-Star Wars. I like Yoda as much … Continue reading See You in 364 Days, Chewbacca

Kite Therapy

There is nothing more therapeutic than flying a kite. This surprises me. You wouldn't think such a simple pursuit would bring much joy. All you're doing is standing there, holding onto a string. The wind does all the work for you. Sure, you have to tug on it occasionally and make an adjustment or two … Continue reading Kite Therapy