Boozin’ Hump Day Away

Today was pretty great, as far as Wednesdays go. I know everybody's all "rah-rah, Hump Day, woot!"...but what does that really mean? The midpoint of the workweek isn't all that different from Monday or Tuesday. It doesn't really start to feel like the weekend is close until Thursday. But when Wednesday is a holiday, well, … Continue reading Boozin’ Hump Day Away

Fox Paw’s Coming Home

When we lived in South Dakota in the '80s, my parents bought an ice scraper. Not just any ol' ice scraper, mind you; this one was special. It was called the Fox Paw and came wrapped in faux fur, so your hand would stay warm when scraping ice from the car's windshield. Pretty ingenious, actually. … Continue reading Fox Paw’s Coming Home