Memphis Mafia, Party Of One

Elvis Has Entered the Building Our weekend getaway was a blast! Saturday morning, bright and early, Tara and I hit the road for the tiny burg of Freeman, South Dakota. It's considered the heart of the Chislic Circle and the birthplace of South Dakota's official state nosh. If you haven't heard of chislic before (and … Continue reading Memphis Mafia, Party Of One

All Shish, No Kebab

One year ago, when we were just beginning the onerous task of preparing for our big move and South Dakota was this great, exciting unknown, I learned about chislic and other regional food favorites of the Midwest. Chislic is simply deep fried cubes of meat, liberally seasoned with garlic salt and other spices. It is … Continue reading All Shish, No Kebab

Meat and Catch-Up

I haven't written a proper post in what seems like ages - photos of fall foliage and snow do not count - so this is an opportunity for a little catch-up! Forgive me if I jump around from topic to topic. I feel like I have a little bit to say about a lot of … Continue reading Meat and Catch-Up

From Chinook to Chislic

I came across an article in Portland Monthly last week on bierocks, a Midwestern staple that resembles a glorified Hot Pocket. Apparently I am not the only one who has never heard of them because Microsoft Word doesn't recognize the word, underlining it in red and suggesting I really mean "bureaux." I do not, MS … Continue reading From Chinook to Chislic