Give me a home where no buffalo roam.

Now that we're packing up all our worldly possessions, we're running across things we no longer need or use. Case in point: I found a check register from 2010. If you're a certain age, you might not even know what a check register is. For the uninitiated (I'm looking at you, Millennials!), it is/was a … Continue reading Give me a home where no buffalo roam.

Come Mr. Tally Man

Remember the certified letter I stayed home waiting for? Well, it never did show up on Thursday. Didn't come on Friday or Saturday, either. Monday? Holiday. Tuesday? Nope. Today? Ha. Never mind that I signed up for a redelivery and received acknowledgement that it would arrive September 3rd. So, I finally dragged myself to the … Continue reading Come Mr. Tally Man