Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little brat like you.

Last October — long before we had any illusions of moving out here — I blogged about this candy corn bratwurst that a Madison, Wisconsin grocery store was selling. Here's what I wrote: Be still my heart. What a brilliant invention! They’re two great tastes that taste great together. Well, I assume; sadly, they’re only available … Continue reading Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little brat like you.

Best ‘Wurst News

Every year around this time, I get caught up in the Great Candy Corn Debate. Some people like it, others don't, and those who fall into the latter camp are quite vocal over their distaste for this sweet treat. I am firmly in the Team Candy Corn camp, but it wasn't always this way. Much … Continue reading Best ‘Wurst News

I Mourn Candy Corn Scorn

I stopped by the grocery store for a few items over the weekend and nearly tripped over a display of Halloween candy...surefire proof that "fall" is coming! I ignored the M&M's and Snickers and gummy worms but did grab a bag of that most wondrous of holiday treats, candy corn. Not even politics inspire as … Continue reading I Mourn Candy Corn Scorn

Thank You, George Renninger

I have a new obsession in my life, and it is almost out of control this time of year. Candy corn. It wasn’t always this way. Much like broccoli and Justin Timberlake, I couldn’t stand it when I was younger. Nowadays, I can’t get enough. For the record, I also really dig broccoli – Tara … Continue reading Thank You, George Renninger