Getting My Griswold On – Day 11: Sidney, NE

Miles traveled today: 607.9 Total miles traveled: 4335.1 Missed the Bullet Hole. Damn. I have to give props to the Super 8 in Cameron, MO: nicest motel on this trip so far. The king-sized bed was plush, the air-conditioning icy cold and refreshing, the wireless internet worked without a hiccup, and the coffee was superb.Continue reading “Getting My Griswold On – Day 11: Sidney, NE”

Getting My Griswold On – Day 10: Cameron, MO

Miles traveled today: 603.4 Total miles traveled: 3727.2 State of Misery…err, Missouri Today was tough. For two reasons: I had to say goodbye to Ohio, and I logged more miles – and driving time – than any other day so far. In fact, I passed through four different states over the course of about 9.5Continue reading “Getting My Griswold On – Day 10: Cameron, MO”