Bachelor Chronicles: Day 4

My boss officially reopened the office today. Not that we ever actually closed down; it just means that the holdouts still working from home had to start coming in again. I'm glad I made the decision to transition back on my own a month ago, because having to wear pants again is like ripping off … Continue reading Bachelor Chronicles: Day 4

71,000 Acres of Social Distancing

Last week was rough. Tuesday's post making fun of people hoarding toilet paper seemed innocent enough at the time, but turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy when the shelves here in town were picked clean of TP and Tara announced we were kinda, sorta running low ourselves. Suddenly, the situation was a lot less amusing. And … Continue reading 71,000 Acres of Social Distancing

Dakota Thunder vs. Salem Sue

North Dakota is weird. Don't get me wrong. I like weird! I'm the guy who drove miles out of his way to check out Carhenge, after all. I'm simply making an observation. If you're wondering what makes North Dakota weird, let's start with the state's odd obsession with giant animals. During our weekend visit, we … Continue reading Dakota Thunder vs. Salem Sue

Every 8:45

Winter continues to hold us tightly in her icy grip, but that's okay, guys. It's what I wanted after 23 years in the climatologically-monotonous PNW where winters are one-note (wet) and summers are dry. All this snow and cold is simply making up for lost time. When last I wrote, Tara and I were tentatively planning … Continue reading Every 8:45

You’ve Been Johnnyburgered

Many years ago, my dad’s cousin Johnny came out for a visit  when we lived in South Dakota. He and Johnny are the same age and were very close growing up on the mean streets of Trenton; theirs was a friendship that continued into adulthood. Johnny is a real character. Always wears his hair greasy … Continue reading You’ve Been Johnnyburgered

Blast from the Past

First things first: I need a good oatmeal recipe. I'm used to buying Trader Joe's frozen steel cut oatmeal. Looks like an oversized hockey puck, but it's surprisingly delicious and simple to make: two minutes in the microwave, stir, another minute and twenty seconds, and dig in. However, there is no Trader Joe's in South … Continue reading Blast from the Past

Today’s Theme is Buffalo

Before our South Dakota trip, I had one goal: to see a buffalo up close. Also, to eat buffalo. That part was easy enough: I ended up having buffalo, in one form or another, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. Seeing a buffalo? That was a little trickier. It was looking like a bust three-quarters … Continue reading Today’s Theme is Buffalo