Birds, cats, a Deere, and a bath full of brats.

Somehow, since buying this house, a curious transformation has taken place. Tara and I have turned into "birders." I realized this a few days ago when I glanced over at the dining room buffet and spotted our cameras. We no longer stash them away in camera bags hidden in the back of the closet; instead, … Continue reading Birds, cats, a Deere, and a bath full of brats.

Maybe a bird flew into it.

Words you never want to hear a contractor who is working on your home say: "Oh, that was dumb." At long last, our flooring guys arrived this morning to tear out the carpeting in the living room and hallway and install the vinyl planking. I naïvely thought it wouldn't be too disruptive to work from … Continue reading Maybe a bird flew into it.

This place is for the birds.

When you buy a house from a guy whose business card reads The Birdman, you kind of expect the backyard to reflect his passion. Sure 'nuff... I don't know if our property is an official Bird Sanctuary, but it oughta be. And then, not more than half an hour after walking through the yard and … Continue reading This place is for the birds.

What a Dick!

Things are moving at breakneck speed with the house purchase now. We're rocking and rolling, as the kids say! (Or maybe they don't, but they should. Rock 'n roll will always be cool.) We wrote the earnest money check today. The home inspection, well inspection, and septic tank inspection are all scheduled for Friday. It's … Continue reading What a Dick!

The Buck Stops Here

Oh, Deer We have learned just how abundant deer are in the neighborhood. I see them every morning when I'm out walking. Sometimes, we don't even need to leave the house! We were playing cribbage and listening to records in the basement Friday night when Tara went upstairs to grab a beer. She saw this … Continue reading The Buck Stops Here