Reunited with Alexa and it feels so good.

I got back from my work trip Friday afternoon and immediately went home, as I'd put in a bunch of extra hours in the evenings. This allowed me to sit on the patio and relax, despite the heat and humidity. I soldiered through with cold beer and music. I was happy to be reunited with … Continue reading Reunited with Alexa and it feels so good.

Relationships, Jobs, & Parmesan Cheese

And so it begins... I'm referring to both 2022 and Bloganuary. We'll see what they bring. Our rockin' New Year's Eve was exactly that. We have such an extensive record collection (760 currently), it's very hard to choose an album to listen to when we sit down to play cards. So lately, we have Alexa … Continue reading Relationships, Jobs, & Parmesan Cheese