An Ode to Our Sugar Mamas

Monday mornings feel painfully quiet. There are about thirty minutes where the house is empty except for me and the cat. I’m showered and dressed for work, sipping a cup of coffee, gearing up for the transition to work mode. The detritus of the weekend is still scattered about the house, empty boxes and cansContinue reading “An Ode to Our Sugar Mamas”

When Night Bleeds Into Morning

This morning found me puttering around the kitchen a few minutes past 5:00, eyes still bleary with sleep while I sliced mushrooms, grated cheese, cracked eggs and fried bacon. This is not a part of my normal routine; even on a workday I don’t usually get up any earlier than 6:20, but Tara’s alarm hadContinue reading “When Night Bleeds Into Morning”

Apple Juice With a Bacon Swizzle Stick

I miss apple juice. Or maybe it’s the idea of apple juice I miss. I just had a cup last week in the hospital. It was the first beverage I drank that actually had flavor following my surgery. After days of being hooked up to an IV and subsisting on nothing more than ice water, itContinue reading “Apple Juice With a Bacon Swizzle Stick”