NNWM/18: Cobain Bonding

What a great way to spend a Monday night.  Records, alcohol, candles, and lava lamps.  It’s cold and windy outside, but cozy and warm in our apartment.  A close game of Gin (I didn’t win) and turkey tacos.  A typical Friday night that has turned into one of our favorites.  Mark calls it our MondayContinue reading “NNWM/18: Cobain Bonding”

Why Yes, I HAVE Tried Geoduck!

Back in August, I shared my new catchphrase with the world. It was cool, it was hip – and it was ironic, since I had never tried geoduck. How could I be dishing out those words, I wondered, when I hadn’t even partaken (partook?) in said delicacy myself. Fortunately, I can now say I have!Continue reading “Why Yes, I HAVE Tried Geoduck!”

Philosophy In The Tides

Five years ago, I went to the beach. It was a depressing, confusing and scary time in my life. My marriage was unraveling and I felt helpless to stop it. The kids and their mother were in California, and faced with a rare weekend to myself, I decided to take a trip to the coast.Continue reading “Philosophy In The Tides”