I Was a Zombie…and Lived to Tell About It

Once upon a time, there was a man who couldn’t sleep. Oh, he could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Anywhere and everywhere, at all hours of the day. But he never made it into deep, restorative REM sleep, because throughout the night he would stop breathing. His oxygen levels would plummet, his heartbeat wouldContinue reading “I Was a Zombie…and Lived to Tell About It”

This Makes No Scents

I think scented air fresheners are getting out of hand. Case in point: I walked into the bathroom in my office yesterday, and noticed a can of fluffy vanilla air freshener sitting there. Question: what is the difference between regular vanilla and “fluffy” vanilla? Can vanilla even be fluffy?! It’s a bean or an extract. And that’sContinue reading “This Makes No Scents”

It’s Called Car-ma

I arrived at work yesterday and was all set to pull into one of the last two available spots next to the building, but one of my coworkers in an SUV had arrived simultaneously, so being the gracious guy that I am, I let her go first. She tried to swing into the corner spotContinue reading “It’s Called Car-ma”

Gathering, Remembering

Saturday felt like a day straight out of a Hollywood film. The plot: a cantankerous but big-hearted character beloved by many passes away unexpectedly, and friends and family from near and far gather in the front yard of his small-town home to honor his memory and swap stories over beers and a barbecue. They laugh,Continue reading “Gathering, Remembering”

Meanwhile, We’ve Got Pittsburgh

I have a serious case of Canada Envy. It’s got nothing to do with maple leaves or socialized medicine or curling. I just happen to think they come up with some pretty awesome names for places. Take Moose Jaw, for instance. A city in south-central Saskatchewan. (Hell, take Saskatchewan, for that matter. It’s a lotContinue reading “Meanwhile, We’ve Got Pittsburgh”

Circus Monkey With Guitar

Occasionally I like to check out the stats for my blog. No big surprise; most of us do that from time to time. I especially enjoy looking at the search terms – the words and phrases people have typed in to Google (or their search engine of choice) that ended up directing them to myContinue reading “Circus Monkey With Guitar”